Gastrostomy DVD
Experiences of parent carers and adults using nutritional support


ISBN: 978-0-9573355-1-2
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Difficulty with swallowing can lead to the necessity
of supported nutrition. This DVD describes the procedures of
the gastrostomy operation and the PEG components.
It illustrates the issues surrounding the operation
in children and adults where some or all ofthe patient’s
nutritional needs are met through enteral (tube) feeding.

The DVD contains interviews with parent carers and adults, who talk about
their respective journeys and the decisions they have made
in consultation with the professional team.

In the specialist professional section, a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon,
a Speech & Language Therapist and a Dietitian describe the role of the
Multi-Disciplinary teamin the assessment of swallow, the Gastrostomy operation
and the individual dietary needs of the patient.

The DVD was produced in consultation with
Speech & Language Therapy, Holly Bank Trust,
The School of Health and Wellbeing,
Leeds Metropolitan University

Total content time: approx. 60 minutes (interactive)